Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Bleaching

What is the anal bleaching process (or bleaching in general)?

Apply small amounts of cream to the desired area externally only at least twice a day on a dry, clean area. Rub the cream in gently. Make sure to do an application before bed so it works all night long.

Does Caspah contain any harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone?

No, Caspah does not contain any harmful ingredients including hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is actually a banned substance in some European countries due to the fact it is said to contain carcinogens.

Is anal bleaching safe?

Yes, anal bleaching is safe as long as your bleach cream does not contain hydroquinone.

Can I use Caspah lightening cream anywhere on my body?

Yes, you can use Caspah cream for lightening or to whiten any part of your body that you wish to lighten. This includes scars, age spots, freckles, birthmarks, dark spots on skin, around the anus, around the vagina, the nipples, the underarms, and any other part on your body externally.

Should I use an exfoliator in combination with Caspah skin lightening cream?

It is not advised to use both. The skin might become more sensitive and result in irritation.

Can I use anal bleach when I am pregnant?

It is not recommended that you use any form of skin bleach if you plan on breast feeding your child.

When do I stop using anal bleach?

Once you have achieved your desired skin tone you may cut back to applying only when necessary. You do not have to continue applying it.

Where to buy anal bleach?

If you do not want to purchase Caspah cream from this website, you can check the anal bleaching salon page where there will eventually be a list of local salons that carry Caspah anal bleach.

Why do people bleach their anus, vagina, nipples, underarms, etc?

Some people are born with dark spots or birth marks on their skin or even darker then normal private areas. This is usually hereditary so it is not their fault. Also older people may develop age spots which can be lightened also with bleaching cream.

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