Safe Skin Bleaching Cream

Searching for a safe bleaching cream can be relatively easy if you know what you are looking for. Safe bleaching creams do not contain mercury or the harmful ingredient known as hyrdoquinone. Hydroquinone used to be a very common active ingredient in skin bleaching creams until researchers showed that there were links to cancer from excessive absorbtion of it. Hydroquinone creams are quite fast and effective, but would you really want to put your health at risk for using such a substance when there are much better alternatives such as Caspah? There is absolutely NO hydroquinone in Caspah cream and irritation of the skin occurs very rarely. Any cream may cause irritation to the skin and if it does the solution is simple. Stop using it. Should you choose not to go with the good standing Caspah brand for your skin bleach, please stay away from the creams that contain mercury or hydroquinone for your own safety.

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